Yowza Holiday Toy Bash Softball Tourney 2011

7 Nov

2010 Yowza Holiday Toy Bash

Plans are in place for this year’s Yowza Holiday Toy Bash Softball Tourney benefiting the Seguin Police Department Blue Santa Program. For those that don’t know, the fundraiser is an event hosted by Yowza Softball, a men’s ASA competive softball team in Seguin under the direction of my husband Jesse Herrera. We started the charitable event six years ago. Not only do we raise money for gifts for children but we also get to host a quality tournament for teams throughout the state –bringing local dollars to the community.

The event is scheduled for Sunday, Nov. 20 at the Seguin Four-Plex on Nelda Street just next door to the Guadalupe County Rodeo Arena. The featured event is the ongoing Battle of the Badge exhibition game between the Seguin Police Department and Guadalupe County Sheriff’s Office and the Don’t Get Hosed game between the Seguin Fire/EMS Department and the Guadalupe County Volunteer Fire Departments. Both exhibition games are at noon this year…so come on out and cheer on your favorite teams. I will definitely keep you guys posted as the days inch closer… PS if you know of someone who plays men’s slow pitch softball have them give us a call at 830-556-5295.


10 Years married, 20 Years together…Happy Anniversary to US:)

3 Nov

It seems just like yesterday. But I’m thankful for today. Things haven’t always been easy. But I think the challenges have helped to reinforce the two of us. The important thing is how we are today. For those who don’t know us, we don’t have children…so you can’t say we stayed together for the kids:) We in the end realize we stayed togther for eachother. This pic brings back many great memories. I’m lucky to have each of these folks still in my life. Don’t be upset junior bridesmaids, I know you guys are in another pic:) Anyhow we are in motion to move forward for another 10. Love you lots hun! Thanks for still making me laugh like crazy. I know exactly where your heart is and thanks for letting me know everyday. Despite any heartaches, our love has proven it’s one tough cookie! Goodtimes Jay..GT!!

Here’s a few recent Facebook favorites….

25 Oct

Since many of you guys don’t have a FB account..I’ve been asked to periodically share a few photos or posts…so here you go…enjoy!:) By the way thanks for the request!

Let’s just say Jeter was determined to play in the World Series!

Be careful parents! Your kids will give you up during the safety demonstration at this year’s Ag Fair at the Big Red Barn. Man…the stories they say about you behind the wheel….lol!

I am offically a Cat Lady. But only to Jeter or as we like to call him Jah-Jeets!

I don’t know whether to drink it or splash a little on my wrist…Liquor bottles these days are just so elegant. I think when I’m done, I fill with perfume:)

Call me a ghost hunter…

24 Oct

It was about 1:30 a.m. Sunday when it hit me that yes I was standing in the pitch black basement of the Mosheim Mansion. Wuz I crazy? While some will say that I wuz, I proudly consider myself to have been privileged. Thank you to Carol Hirschi, her husband and her staff for making me and my husband a guest at Saturday’s night’s pararnormal investigation of the 1890’s bed and breakfast located on N. Austin Street. What an experience?

First we arrive to have dinner and the opportunity to listen and talk directly to the RIPcrew paranormal team. The team based out of Fort Worth is pretty much all family — a family that goes wherever ghostbusters are needed. The group is a non-profit organization whose mission is simply to help others. Although they each have experienced something unique, each truly believe that spirits live among us and continue to inhabit many our of homes, lands and historic sites.

As for the actual investigation, my husband Jesse and I were part of the third and final group to be led through the house. By this time, it was 12:30 a.m. They armed me with a thermo thermometer and he an EMF field tester. Just minutes before entering the home, his machine immediately sounded off capturing unknown energy as he pointed toward the stairway — an area known for reports ghostly figures. We were the only group to have had such evidence right off the back.

Although I didn’t witness anything personally (like my hair being tugged or an aurora lurking in the dark), we did pick up some unexplainable things. First as we were in the basement, one of the women in our group mentioned that she was getting warm. Armed with the therometer, I quickly pointed at her feet….what??? the temp went from 65 degrees straight to 82…huh! Of course at the same time..others including my husband and myself became very very warm…I even had sweat beads race across my forehead…huh? Yet less than one minute later, the temp restored back to about 65 degrees…It never sparked up again.

I also think it’s important to mention that many of our pieces of equipment where failing (batteries dying) after each group investigated the home. I personally witnessed batteries being replaced. We also had many instances in which audio messages were being recorded through this special piece of equipment identified to pick up words from the spirits:)…throughout the investigation random words such as coffee, dictionary were heard including questions like…who are we? Of course coffee and dictionary were the responses after group members asked questions like what a certain room was used for.

I think the best chilling part of the night is when at the command of God, Robbie — our ghost hunter — asked that the unknown spirit light up his EMF meter at the count of three — and yes at three…the lights went off. Let’s just say other unexplainable things happened that night. But as RIPcrew members said…you’ve got to go in as a skeptic to believe. I’m being promised pics of this unforgettable night and yes I am ready to do it again. I understand this same team will be returning to Seguin and I promise to let you know in advance so that this next time, you can make up your own mind as to whether what happened to us that night was real or just all science….

Come on give it a try! You can do it!

13 Oct

Let’s just say taking part in Bootcamp Divas is an experience. It’s like no other workout. Burpees, flipping tires, running and kettlebells are just what a woman needs to feel empowered. More importantly, the Bootcamp has an exceptional trainer. Diana Salinas is exactly what the women of Seguin need to get their lives in order. The class welcomes any age and folks of any physical skill level. I will personally answer any questions that you would like to know. So what are you waiting for…join Bootcamp Divas and make it your holiday gift to yourself:) Believe me this is not the last time you’ll hear me talk about this.

Good Monday!

10 Oct

Whoaa! What a great weekend! Lots of fair fun, hubby time and weekend rain. Now this is what coming back to a Monday should feel like. Also Kuddos to my friends over at CrossFit Seguin. Diana Salinas and her sidekicks hit the burpees, push ups and other strength training exercises to the test and all for a good cause. I hope to put pics up soon. If you haven’t tried CrossFit…you’re missing out. It’s like no other workout that I know. Also if you’ve got fair contest pics or Kevin Fowler concert pics send them my way at cindy@kwed1580.com….Let’s share them together. 🙂

Welcome back Seguintoday.com

4 Oct

Thank heavens…Seguintoday.com is back in business. It has been a few difficult weeks operating without it but I’m proud that we can can again access the site and what better time than this week — the start of the Guadalupe County Fair and PRCA Rodeo. Look for great pics and a run down of this week’s entire schedule.

You also don’t want to forget to listen at your chance at winning Kevin Fowler tickets. I’ve got plenty at my desk and we hope to make many people happy. Also be sure to get your KWED Listener Appreciation Tickets. They are free and available at various locations around town including here at KWED…but remember when they are gone, they are gone! That’s this Thursday at the Guadalupe County Rodeo Area. Stop by and tell Kim hi! Kimberly is our newest addition to the KWED family. Those who visit will also get the chance to win some Kevin Fowler tickets.

Things are just great these days so be sure to check us out each day.